‘Commodities in Motion’ London July 2010

Hosted by King’s College London, in collaboration with with The Museum of London, Docklands

5-7 July 2010

The subject of this workshop is the movement of commodities. How do commodities move? What technologies enable their movement? What happens to them in transit? How do they act on or interact with the environments that they inhabit and the people who move them? Each day we will focus on a different aspect of the moving process. First, we want to consider the networks of communication that enable transport and exchange. Second we will look at the technologies of transit – thinking in particular about the packaging, conveying, and dispersal of goods. Third, we will focus on the social life of docks and consider the licit and illicit ways in which commodities interact with the people that live, work and move in and through our five world cities – London, Calcutta, Sydney, Cape Town and New York.

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Still from footage filmed by Michael Uwemedimo for 'Escravos'

Still from footage filmed by Michael Uwemedimo for 'Escravos'

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