Commodities and Migration: Things out of Place
8-10 December 2011
Department of English, New York University


The conference will feature a two-day public conference open to all, on 8 & 9 December, followed by a one-day workshop limited to the network participants and invitees on 10 December.

Thursday, 8 December
Great Room, 19 University Place

9.30-9.45: Welcome and Introduction

9.45-11.00: Session 1
Elaine Freedgood (English, NYU)
“Ghostly Migrations”
Priyanka Anne Jacob (Princeton)
“A Taste for Catholic Spoils: Fashion, Dispossession, and Equivocal Objects in Daniel Deronda.”
Mia Chen (CUNY)
“Money/Commodity/Fetish: Hard Cash and Paranoid Capitalism.”
Chair: Tanya Agathocleous (English, Hunter College, CUNY)

11.00-11.15: Coffee

11.15-1.15: Session 2
Zeynep Celik (New Jersey School of Architecture, NJIT)
“In Algiers: Persistent Memories, Mobile Memorials.”
Adam McKeown (History, Columbia University)
“Rethinking the ‘Coolie’: Chinese Labor as Commodity”
Isobel Armstrong (English, Birkbeck, University of London)
“The Traffic in Representations”
Chair: Jini Watson (English, NYU)

1.15-2.15: Lunch

2.15-3.30: Session 3
Arjun Appadurai (Steinhardt School, NYU)
“Objects and Persons in the Age of Financialization”
Hasia Diner (History and Hebrew and Judaic Studies, NYU)
“Roads Taken: Jewish Peddlers and the Discovery of Their New World.”
Chair: Brian Murray (English, King’s College, London)

3.30-3.45: Coffee

3.45-5.00: Session 4
Martin Harries (English, NYU)
Dog Food, Ending in Beckett”
Elizabeth DeLoughrey (English, UCLA)
“Natural Modernities: Shells of War”
Chair: Patrick Deer (English, NYU)

5.00-6.15: Session 5
Josephine McDonagh (English, King’s College, London)
“Village Peoples”
Supriya Chaudhuri (English, Jadavpur University):
“Migrated Objects: Between Commodity and Fetish”
Chair: Judith Plotz (English, George Washington University)

6.30-8.00: Reception


Friday, 9 December
Great Room, 19 University Place

9.30-11.00: Session 6
Regenia Gagnier (English, University of Exeter)
‘Dream of a Red Language: on the Global Circulation of Critical Literatures.’
Ian Henderson (English, King’s College, London)
‘Victoria’s Planet: commodities, culture and ‘her subjects at the antipodes’.’
Respondent: Paul Young (English, University of Exeter)

11.00-11.15: Coffee

11.15-12.45: Session 7
Stephen Muecke (University of New South Wales)
‘The Composition and Decomposition of the Commodity’
Marget Long (Cooper Union)
‘The Jenny Lind Head Rest and Notes on Feeling Photography Less’
Respondent: Toral Gajarawala (English, NYU)

12.45-1.30: Session 8
Elizabeth Gunner (WISER, Witwatersrand)
‘Soundwaves – Radio as Commodity and Object of Dispute: South Africa in 1960’
Respondent: Joseph Napolitano (English, NYU)

1.30-2.15: lunch

2.15-3.30: Session 8
Alison Wood (Cambridge University)
‘Zoological Things, Global Traffic and the Idea of a Secular Clerisy.’
Rabia Shahzad (English, NYU)
From Deception to Dexterity: The Indian Juggler and the English Fakir’
Fariha Shaikh (English, King’s College, London)
‘‘Mystical Holes’ and ‘Crooked Pins’: The Production of Authenticity in Printed Emigrants’ Letters’
Respondent: John Maynard (English, NYU)

3.30: 3.45: Coffee

4.00-5.30: Fales Library. Modhumita Roy will introduce the Fales Library Menu and Cookbook Collection at NYU. (For network participants only)


Saturday, December 10
RH Gallery (closed session Workshop)

9.30-11.15: Session 9
Nilanjana Gupta (English, Jadavapur University)
‘The principle of the pin-hole camera: taweez as aperture’
Abhijit Gupta (English, Jadavpur University)
‘From Bibles to Banned Books: the networks of print’
Rangeet Sengupta (English, Jadavpur University)
‘Rati Viparite’: Gitagovinda and the Erotic (Trans)migrations in Nineteenth Century Bengal’
Respondents: Durba Basu (English, NYU); Tilottama Tharoor (Global Studies, NYU)

11.15-11.30: Coffee

11.30-1.15: Session 10
Mark Turner (English, King’s College, London)
‘Reflecting on Networks: Now and Then’
Concluding round table; discussion.
Chair: Rajeswari Sunder Rajan (English, NYU)

1.30-: Lunch


The conference is generously supported by: the Leverhulme Trust, UK; the Humanities Initiative, NYU; Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU; the Anglophone Project, NYU; Department of English, NYU; the Fales Library and special Collections, NYU; Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, NYU; and RH Gallery, New York.

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