‘Commodities and Migration’ New York December 2011

Commodities and Migration: Things out of Place

8-10 December 2011

Department of English, New York University

Migrations move not only people but also things. This conference will consider the ways in which movements of people have changed the meanings, uses and exchanges of the things they carried, the things they left behind, the things they came to sell, to plant, to propagate or to re-function. Reading commodities in their travel, circulation and translation into new forms allows us new means to study material cultures, migration histories and diasporas. What are the changes in meaning, use, or value of a commodity when it migrates or when it is transformed by a migrating person or population? What happens to commodities across time and space? Translation? Profanation? Vernacularization? Authentification?

This is the third and final conference of the Leverhulme-funded international research network ‘Commodities and Culture in the Colonial World, 1851-1914’(www.commoditiesandculture.org)


Arjun Appadurai
Isobel Armstrong
Zeynep Celik
Supriya Chaudhuri
Mia Chen
Elizabeth DeLoughrey
Hasia Diner
Elaine Freedgood
Regenia Gagnier

Devleena Ghosh
Abhijit Gupta
Nilanjana Gupta
Elizabeth Gunner
Martin Harries
Ian Henderson
Priyanka Anne Jacob
Marget Long
Josephine McDonagh

Adam McKeown
Stephen Muecke
Rangeet Sengupta
Rabia Shahzad
Fariha Shaikh
Mark Turner
Alison Wood
Paul Young

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Conference reports from delegates

The conference is free and open to the public on December 8 and 9, but please bring picture ID for admission. For enquiries and further details please email Rajeswari Sunder Rajan at rs191 [at] nyu [dot] edu

The conference is generously supported by: the Leverhulme Trust, UK; the Humanities Initiative, NYU; Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU; the Anglophone Project, NYU; Department of English, NYU; the Fales Library and special Collections, NYU; Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, NYU; and RH Gallery, New York.

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