Programme: Commodities and Affect, Kolkata 12-14 January 2011

DAY 1 Wednesday January 12: H L Roy Memorial Auditorium, Jadavpur University

9.30 Registration
10 Inaugural Session
10.15 Partha Chatterjee, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
’Football and Collective Identity in Colonial Calcutta’
11.15 Coffee
11.30 Panel on Water, New York University: Chair: Professor Margot Finn
Toral Gajarawala (NYU), ‘Water Politics: “Shuddhi”, Metaphor and the Question of Caste “Consciousness
Elaine Freedgood (NYU) ‘Drinking Sewage, and After’
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan (NYU) ‘Renewing Water’
1.00 Lunch At the University Guest House
2.00 Panel on “Swadeshi, or Affective Identities”: Chair: Professor Sukanta Chaudhuri
Swapan Majumdar (Sahitya Akademi) ‘Culture and commodity: the ambivalence of the “swadeshi” entrepreneur’
Ujjayan Bhattacharya (Vidyasagar University) ‘The cultures of “swadeshi”’
3.00 Tea
3.15 Chair: Professor Jasodhara Bagchi
Rohan Deb Roy (CSSS)
‘Side-effects of Empire: “Pure” Quinine, Insect-pests and Malarial Maladies in British India, 1890-1910’
Modhumita Roy (Tufts University, Boston) ‘Colonial Concoctions: Making Soup, Making Self’
Tilottama Tharoor (NYU)
‘The Haunting Life of Things: Objects Colonial and Pre-Colonial in Tagore’s “Hungry Stones” and “The Home and the World”’
Deepkanta Lahiri Choudhury (Visva-Bharati) ‘Is time on my side? Constructing time in India, circa 1860-1914’
5.30 Tagore’s “Arup Ratan”, a Jadavpur University Department of English production.
Directed by Ananda Lal. Gandhi Bhavan, JU campus

DAY 2 January 13: Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata (The Portrait Gallery)

10.00 Introductory remarks by Secretary and Curator, Professor Chitta Panda
10.15 John Plunkett (Exeter University) ‘Queen Victoria’s familial familiarity: affect and imperial loyalty c.1870-1901’
Isabel Hofmeyr (Witwatersrand University) ‘Grave Affect: Boer Prisoner of War Graves in India’
11.15 Coffee
11.30 Tapati Guha-Thakurta (CSSS)
‘The Dead Object of Public Statuary: Musings on Calcutta’s Colonial and Postcolonial Statues’
Stephen Muecke (University of New South Wales)
‘Affective Forces in Natural-cultural Exchanges: Ivory’s Colonial Career’
Devleena Ghosh (University of Technology, Sydney)
‘The way of money and the way of land: sugar, soil and stories in Fiji’
1.00 Lunch (West Quadrangle)
2.00 Panel on “The Feeling of Networks” (King’s College London)
Clare Pettitt, Josephine McDonagh, ‘Introduction’
Ian Henderson, ‘The Cultural Cringe’
Mark Turner, ‘Global Trollope’
Clare Pettitt, Josephine McDonagh, ‘Responses’
3.30 Coffee
3.45 Chandreyee Niyogi (Jadavpur University)
Nilanjana Deb (Jadavpur University) ‘The Great Calcutta Exhibition’
Supriya Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University) ‘Art Manufactures in Colonial India’
5.45 Tea (West Quadrangle)
6.15 Special Lecture (West Quadrangle). Seats to be taken by 6 pm
Shri M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal, to preside: Entry by invitation only
Gopalkrishna Gandhi, ‘Writer’s Cramp’

DAY 3, January 14: National Library, Kolkata

10.00 Swapan Kumar Chakravorty, Director, National Library, ‘The Library as Affect’
10.30 Abhijit Gupta (Jadavpur University) ‘Indigo and Print: the strange case of the “Indigo-Planting Mirror”’
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Chair: Chandrika Kaul, University of St Andrews
Rochelle Pinto (University of Delhi) ‘On the subject of land: print genres and the discourse of land in Goa’
Tanya Agathocleous (Hunter College, New York)
‘Comparative Criticism, Cosmopolitanism and Neutrality in the English-Language Periodical’
Samia Khatun (University of Technology, Sydney)
‘Hadith to Puthi: The production of the book-commodity and the translation of Islamic narratives to Bengali poetry
in late 19th century Calcutta’
Chandrika Kaul: Comments
12.45 Tour of exhibition in the National Library
1.15 Lunch
2.15 Chair: Fariha Shaikh
Rangana Banerjee: ‘Gun-metal watches, camels, tea and perhaps samosas: “Hamlet” in colonial Bengal’
Aritra Chakraborti (Jadavpur University) ‘Naughties of Yesteryear: French Cards in Calcutta’
Rimi B. Chatterjee (Jadavpur University) ‘Dharma as Commodity: “The Rig Veda” and Oxford University Press’
3.30 Hardik Brata Biswas, ‘Whose Memory of the Modern? Visual Moments in Archiving the Subject in the Colony’
Amlan Das Gupta (Jadavpur University) ‘Archiving Music’
4.15 Margot Finn (University of Warwick): Reflections on the Workshop
4.45 Tea Valediction

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