India and South Africa: Comparisons, Commonalities, Contrasts

King’s College London, 5-6 October 2012,

Hosted by King’s India Institute the Comparative Literature Programme and the Department of English, with the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa,UniversityofWitwatersrand.

This conference will address the role comparativism has played in the development of a number of academic disciplines as they relate to Southern Africa andIndiaduring the colonial and postcolonial periods. By addressing these topics, the conference will develop the themes and practices of cross-regional comparisons in the global South. At the same time it will critically engage with the intellectual histories of academic disciplines of which we are the legatees and in which comparative methodologies have played such a crucial role. In doing so, the conference will also draw on commonalities between Comparative Literature and Indian Ocean Studies, in particular their transnationalist readings of literature and history, and their re-thinking of ‘Area Studies’.

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