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The following publications, or portions of them, resulted from presentations made at network conferences/workshops

Books and Journal Issues

Supriya Chaudhuri and Rimi B. Chatterjee, eds., The Writer’s Feast: Food and the Cultures of Representation (Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2011)

———————-, Alexis Tadié and J. A. Mangan, eds.,  Sport, Literature, Society: Cultural Historical Studies (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2013)

———————-,  Alexis Tadié and J. A. Mangan, eds., Sport, Literature and Culture, Special Issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport (Taylor and Francis), 29:12 (2012).

Toral Gajarawala, Untouchable Fictions (New York: Fordham UP, 2013)

Abhijit Gupta and Swapan Chakravorty, eds., New Word Order: Transnational Themes in the History of the Book (Calcutta: Worldview, 2011)

Isabel Hofmeyr, Gandhi’s Printing Press: Experiments in Slow Reading (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2013)

Essays and Chapters

Rimi B. Chatterjee,  ‘The Garden of Bombahia: Garcia da Orta and the Spice Race in the Early Modern Period’, in The Writer’s Feast: Food and the Politics of Representation ed. Supriya Chaudhuri and Rimi B. Chatterjee (Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2011)

———————-,   20 entries in Oxford Companion to the Book, eds. Michael Suarez and Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010) [Allied, Atmaram Sagoon, Higginbotham’s, Hind Pocket Books, Indian Publishers, Federation of, Iyer, V. Kalyanaram, Jaico Books, Laharry, S.K., Macmillan (India), National Book Trust, Orient Longman, OUP India, Oxford & IBH, Popular Prakashan, Ram Advani, Rupa, Sacred Books of the East, Taraporevala, D.B., Thacker, Spink & Co., Wheeler, A.H., Wilkins, Charles]

Supriya Chuadhuri,  ‘The Bengali Novel’, in The Cambridge Companion to Modern Indian Culture, ed. Vasudha Dalmia (Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2012), 101-123

———————-,  ‘Interiors and Interiority in Nineteenth Century India’, The Domestic Space Reader, ed. Chiara Briganti and Kathy Mezei (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012)

———————-,  ‘Dangerous Liaisons: Desire and Limit in The Home and the World’, in Thinking on Thresholds, ed. S. Mukherji (London: Anthem Press, 2011), 87-99

———————-,  ‘Modernisms in India’ in The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms, ed. Peter Brooker, Andrzej Gasiorek, Deborah Parsons and Andrew Thacker (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), 942-960

———————,  ‘Women, Rebirth and Reform in Nineteenth Century Bengal’ in Renaissance Reborn, ed. Sukanta Chaudhuri (Delhi: Chronicle Books, 2010), 159-183

———————, ‘Phantasmagorias of the Interior: Furniture, Modernity and Early Bengali Fiction’, Journal of Victorian Culture (Routledge), 15.2 (2010), 173-193.

———————, ‘Translation and World Literature’, Global Circulation Project Forum, Literature Compass (Wiley-Blackwell) 9/9 (2012), 593–598.

Amlan Das Gupta,  “Renaissance and Renovation”, In Renaissance Reborn: In Search of a Historical Paradigm, edited by Sukanta Chaudhuri, Chronicle Books, New Delhi, 2010

——————–,  “Mansur on Record”, Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur Centenary Celebrations Catalogue, ed. S Kalidas, New Delhi, 2010

——————–,  “The Early Khayal” Poetics and Politics of Sufism and Bhakti, ed. Kavita Panjabi, Orient Blackswan,  New Delhi, 2011

——————,  “Columns and Capitals: The Architectural Decoration of the Calcutta High Court”, The High Court at Calcutta 150 years: An Overview.Calcutta High Court and Indian Law Institute, 2012

——————-,  “Women Singers and the Beginnings of the Recording Industry in India”, in Panjabi and Chakravarti [eds], Women Contesting Culture, Stree and Bhatkal, 2012.

Abhijit Gupta,  ‘Popular Culture and Postcolonial Literary Production in India’, in Ato Quayson., ed, The Cambridge History of Postcolonial Literature, Vol. 2 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)

——————,  ‘Household Words: an Account of the Bengal Family Library’, in John Spiers, ed., The Culture of the Publisher’s Series Vol. 2 (Palgrave Macmillan: 2011)

——————-,  ‘A Note on Chinese Printing in Serampore’, in Swapan Chakravorty and Abhijit Gupta, eds. New Word Order: Essays in the Transnational History of the Book (New Delhi: Worldview, 2011)

——————–, ‘Rhoda Broughton and Marie Corelli: two Bentley authors,’ in Malabika Sarkar ed., Moneta’s Veil: Essays on the Nineteenth Century (New Delhi: Pearson, 2010)

——————-, ‘The history of the book in the Indian subcontinent’, in addition to 60 entries, Oxford Companion to the Book, ed. Michael Suarez and Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010)

Isabel Hofmeyr, “South Africa’s Indian Ocean: Boer prisoners of war in India”, Social Dynamics 38 (3) 2012, 363-80.

Josephine McDonagh,Imagining Locality and Affiliation: George Eliot’s Villages’, in Amanda Anderson and Harry Shaw, eds.,  The Blackwell’s Companion to George Eliot (Oxford: Blackwell, 2013)

—————————–, ‘Rethinking Provincialism: Our Village to Villette’, in Victorian Studies, 2013 (55.3) in press.

Brian H. Murray, ‘Primitive Man and Media Time in H. M. Stanley’s Through the Dark Continent’ in Victorian Time: Technologies, Standardizations, Catastrophes, ed. by Trish Ferguson (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013).


Nilanjana Deb has completed a 2-year Pilot Research Project in February 2010, ‘Mapping the Indian Diaspora in the Asia-Pacific Region’ (Funding: Jadavpur University).

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